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What we do

We engage the consumer where the potential for influence is greatest, and most measurable: in store, in their community and online. CircPromo’s key differentiator is a proven ability to leverage our three key competencies – Retail, Experiential and Digital – to deliver integrated solutions for our clients.

Event Promotions Services

Promoting your brand to large audiences.

CircPromo has successfully set up and staffed over 20,000 of the largest special events, college promotions and trade shows all across the country. Utilizing the public traffic flow at these various locations has proven to be an effective and professional way to increase circulation.

College Campaigns

although many newspapers shy way from print and college campaigns, CircPromo takes it to another level by combining the digital offerings that would not limit the term by semesters. We have worked over 100 different Universities like Harvard, Texas A&M, Ohio State University, along with some of the smallest community colleges across the country..

Local Show & Event Marketing

CircPromo has been staffing different types of events from Home and Garden to a Bridal Show , local neighborhood soccer games to the largest state fair in the country, for over 25 years. Many times our clients are not just looking for immediate sales, but a group that knows how to connect consumers with brands leading to potential future sales. Educating the public about all the new exciting offerings media companies offer.

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